Travel: Big Bend National Park (Texas)

I already know what you’re thinking – traveling during COVID? Yep. Between both of us working from home, not leaving the house, and vacation days adding up, we decided to take a little trip to a very secluded destination. We thought it would be a safer choice since most activities would be outdoors and independent of any groups or other people, and during the hottest time of the year, even fewer people would be willing to face the desert heat. We turned out to be right!

Secluded is an understatement when speaking about Lajitas, TX. From Dallas it’s about an 11 hour drive with stops to get there, and for the final 4 hours of the drive, I could count the number of cars we passed on one hand! Being the small, secluded desert town that it is, there were only a handful of places to choose from for accommodations. Since we were taking our dog, we opted to stay at the Lajitas Golf Resort, which has both traditional hotel rooms and condos with multiple bedrooms and a kitchen and living area. We were not disappointed! The resort has a very wild-west feel with all the modern accommodations you’d want. There are restaurants and shops on the property, as well as a golf course, but that’s not something we partook in this time.

Due to COVID, many state and national parks closed and opened, and closed again between the time we booked and the time we visited, but we were actually lucky enough that both the Big Bend National Park and Big Bend Ranch State Park were open during our stay. Both are incredible and if you have the time, I’d recommend visiting both (For the state park, you’ll want an off-road vehicle. Nobody warned us about that!).

We have heard a lot about the National Park and knew there were a lot of “must-see” landmarks inside the park, so that’s where we headed towards our first day, and we were not disappointed.

Panoramic views

As you get deeper into the park, the roads get a little curvier and a little steeper bit by bit. It’s kind of a thrill! We ended up stopping at just the right spot. A quick climb over some rocks, and we were faced with a fantastic view of the Rio Grande river (which forms the border between Texas and Mexico).

This was totally breathtaking, and yet, there was more!

We hiked down to a spot where we could get a bit closer to the Rio Grande. Since it was August, I believe the water was a lot shallower than usual, and it was actually even almost dry in some spots.

We took so many more photos that I wanted to share, but none of them are quite as good as experiencing it firsthand. If you’re looking for relaxation, a little separation from society, and some stunning and memorable views, I would encourage you to check out Big Bend! We will certainly go back.

4 responses to “Travel: Big Bend National Park (Texas)”

  1. Beautiful photos, and I like your dog as I have a Bichon also. I have not taken mine on any adventures yet, and I was wondering how your does on the trips.

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    1. Hey Geri! He does pretty well on trips. We’ve taken him hiking a few times and he seems to really enjoy it! Thanks for the comment 🙂

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  2. I had never heard of Big Bend, but now I have to go! Love the pictures.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! We had a lot of fun

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