Falafel with Tahini Drizzle

Updated: January 2022

As we are rolling into March and the days are finally getting longer and warmer, I’ve been re-evaluating and fine-tuning my daily routine. My personality is the type that has to plan, research, and think about things in depth before doing and committing to them, so needless to say it can take me some time to adjust to new routines.

One of my main goals is to commit to three healthy meals a day. Not that I was eating junk for breakfast and lunch, but I wanted to make those meals more meaningful and thought out, just like I do for dinner every day. Although it requires some extra meal-prep, I know I can find the time it takes. One of the benefits of being slow-to-change is that often times the little tweaks and changes I make are permanent!

This falafel recipe is super easy to make with some basic pantry ingredients. You can make a large batch and freeze them, making the time you take to meal-prep really worth it! I’ve also included the tahini dipping sauce recipe at the bottom. Drop a comment if you try this one out!

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One response to “Falafel with Tahini Drizzle”

  1. Carly | FearlessFemaleTravels.com Avatar
    Carly | FearlessFemaleTravels.com

    What a vibrant shade of green! 💚

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